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Foresight: Disability Insurance

You want to ensure your future, maintain your comfort and that of your family? Life is full of unforeseen events and unexpected twists. In the event of an accident and sudden disability, your household may have to go without an income and find it difficult to maintain their standard of living.

Thanks to the Swiss pension system and the famous three pillars, secure your financial future, whether it is to anticipate your retirement income, in the event of incapacity for work or in the event of death.

Disability can occur as a result of illness or an unforeseen accident. Predict and ensure a possible loss of income at any time in his life is wise.

With disability insurance, the future of your household can be secured.

The advantage? Normal pension fund benefits do not always allow you to maintain your standard of living. A disability pension can therefore constitute a supplement and is paid by private insurance and not by accident insurance.

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Disability Insurance Calculator


Annual bonus : CHF. 532

Timeout: 24 months


Annual bonus : CHF. 981

Timeout: 24 months


Annual bonus : CHF. 1 248

Timeout: 24 months

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The main objective of life insurance 3a and 3b is to help you maintain a constant standard of living. If a family's main source of income is lost, the standard of living of the entire household can be seriously affected. It is therefore essential for us that you can ask your questions to our business insurance experts.

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A life insurance policy can provide the necessary support for single-income families or when the children are not yet financially independent.

Also, this type of insurance can be essential if your family is exposed to large debts (eg mortgage, investment, loan, etc.). In this case, thanks to the font, you can obtain the sum useful to repay the debt, by continuing to pursue family and professional projects, even in the event of serious unforeseen events.

This form of protection also plays an important role in the corporate sector. In these cases, in fact, they allowensure the sustainability of the company in the absence of key people in the company (think for example of a director, or the role of a creator in advertising agencies, fashion, etc.).

All of this business life insurance also make it possible to avoid discontinuities linked to changes in the ownership structure caused by the death of one of the partners.

General information and FAQ

on life insurance

The capital insured by a life insurance policy in the event of death is a significant advantage, against an expense that can even be a few CHF per month. This capital is fully available when one of the events described in the policy conditions occurs (for example, death, permanent total disability, etc.)

This asset is also “protected” because it cannot be pledged or seized and is not subject to inheritance tax. In fact, saving for the future by relying solely on savings is a solution that, although easy, can take years to accumulate an amount that can solidly meet the needs of your family in the event of the unexpected. In the case of an investment, on the other hand, your capital may not be available when you need it.

The insured capital is available immediately in the event of an accident or unforeseen event.

How to choose the amount of the capital, that is to say the sum to be insured? The choice of capital amount is closely linked to the specific need you have with a life insurance policy.

For example, with term life insurance, you can protect yourself against a debt contracted (such as a home loan or business loan). In such cases, the amount to be insured will be equal to the amount borrowed, and the most practical choice for the insured is to opt for a decreasing lump sum, ie which decreases as the debt is repaid. Thus, in the event of the death of the insured (or the occurrence of other events covered by the policy), the family of the insured (or other beneficiaries) will be able to benefit from the capital necessary to repay the debt, thus retaining home ownership in the specific example of the mortgage loan.

The death insurance policy also serve to protect the standard of living of the family in the absence of the main income. In this case, the sum to be insured must be chosen on the basis of the net annual income of the insured, multiplied by a number of years which ideally corresponds to the time necessary for the family to become independent.

For example, if your annual income is CHF 80: CHF 80 revenue x 000 years = CHF400.

By choosing a lump sum of CHF 400, you guarantee your family the maintenance of the same standard of living as at present for 000 years. In fgeneral, good coverage can last 5-10 years, with longer periods if there are very young children in the household.

In the latter case, you must opt ​​for a constant capital policy.

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