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Professional liability for companies

THEbusiness insurance, Also called trade insurance is insurance that aims to protect a business and the financial security of its owner. It can cover commercial property (equipment, merchandise, records, workplace, business building), commercial vehicles, damage to others, loss of income.

It consists of different modules:

Corporate liability insurance

It protects the company against the financial consequences it may incur if it unintentionally causes damage to its customers or other external persons. Some professions such as lawyer, doctor, architect must have a professional RC to practice their profession.

 Business inventory insurance

It covers your facilities, your goods and the belongings of your visitors against the consequences of an insured event (fire, natural damage, burglary, water damage or glass breakage). In the event of a claim, the insurer pays the replacement value of your inventory, respectively the market value of your goods.

 Insurance operating loss

It covers the financial consequences of a business interruption (direct costs and loss of profit). It is especially useful for companies that have no possibility of moving their production. It is also worth taking out legal protection insurance. It covers the costs arising from legal proceedings or defense against unjustified claims.

Technical insurance

It covers damage to machines, devices, instruments and other technical devices, caused by the entrepreneur himself or a third party. There are also insurance solutions for computer systems.

Transport insurance

It is suitable for all companies that transport and handle own or third-party goods – from industry to trading companies, forwarding and construction companies. Services:

  • Several insurances in one contract
  • Possibility of adapting the premiums thanks to optional deductibles
  • Branch-specific solutions
  • Combination discount possible

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All our business insurance services:

Juridic protection

Legal protection insurance helps you obtain compensation


All employees must be subject to the LAA


With our comprehensive BVG insurance solutions, you are protected from surprises. We bear all the risks

Loss of earnings insurance

With APG insurance, in the event of illness of your employees, you are freed from the obligation to pay their wages.

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