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Thanks to the advice of INP Finanz, our customers save an average of 15% compared to their previous premiums. This without changing company or services.

Thanks to your broker INP Finanz, you have the possibility of terminating your contract each year, which is however not possible for the insurance company.

Thus, only you have the freedom to be able to choose another car insurance every year and the possibility of easily and quickly terminate your contract.

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We answer all your questions, whether they arise before or after taking out the policy and signing the contract. Detailed answers to the most common doubts on the world of car insurance policies: who are the people concerned, what are the procedures to follow in the event of theft, what policy changes are possible and in what cases should you maintain your bonus/malus, etc.

The world of insurance covers a large part of the market, since everyone has property that is insured against damage, theft, loss etc. In particular, motor vehicle insurance is one of the topics that generates the most questions from our customers: they often want to know the intricacies of this field, while trying tosave as much as possible and to clarify the operating procedures of insurance companies.

The web very often helps because the answers to many questions asked by policyholders can be found on forums or specialized sites.

Given the growing interest in the subject of car insurance, we provide you with a collection of all the most frequently asked questions in the field of car insurance. Our experts provide you with concise but detailed answers on this page.

In order to simplify the distribution of questions, a distinction has been made between those which are generally asked before the contract is signed and the policy is taken out, and those which are asked afterwards, once the contractual phase has been completed.

Questions about the car insurance contract before signing

1 – Is it true that the insurance premium to be paid for a diesel car is higher?

Yes. In general, most companies that offer insurance solutions for motor vehicles offer a higher insurance premium for all diesel engine vehicles.

This depends on an estimate of the probability that the companies calculate on the profile of the insured, basing their tariffs on the greater or lesser possibility that the customer causes an accident: the owner of a diesel or LPG car enters this type of customer who has a greater probability of driving more kilometres. He is therefore more at risk of causing or being involved in an accident.

2 – Is it possible to use the bonus/penalty acquired by a family member for a car he already owns?

No. It is not possible to use the bonus/penalty of a family member for a car that is not new.

Indeed, it is impossible to transmit or have classes transmitted from one person to another. except under special conditions, such as between a husband and a wife, when they share their property, for example.

3 - Is it worth saving money by going for a high deductible while still being covered for minor damages?

It depends on the driver type who is driving the car. The answer is no if the driver's status matches one of the following descriptions:

  • if the person uses the car a lot in town
  • if the person constantly breaks traffic laws
  • if the person has difficulty parking

In all these cases, the insured has a high risk of having a minor accident, so choosing the high deductible could be a bad alternative, because the customer would always end up paying part of the damages he has caused. On the contrary, i.e. if the applicant does not identify with this profile, then the use of the deductible could be a very practical choice since all other conditions being equal, they lead to a lower rate.



Questions asked after the conclusion of an insurance policy automobile and the signature of the insurance contract 

1 – What are the documents to have after the purchase of the car insurance policy? What documents must be issued by the insurance company to the client?

The documents that the insurance company issues once the policy is taken out and the contract signed are the following:

  • la insurance policy, which is the contract you signed
  • the terms and conditions which certifies the existence, validity and duration of the cover
  • an insurance certificate, the grey card, which is a necessary document that allows you to drive with the insured vehicle
  • a green card which certifies the territorial validity of your insurance

2 – Is it possible to reimburse the amount of the claim in the event of cancellation of the contract?

The amount of the claim can only be granted if the contractual conditions so provide.

Reimbursement, settled by the aggrieved party, will be made when the contract expires.

This is to avoid the application of the malus system, which would lead to an inevitable fall in the merit class. In these cases, it is important to ensure that the claim reimbursed does not appear on the risk certificate issued by the insurance company.

3 – Is it possible to reactivate a previously suspended car insurance policy for another vehicle?

Reactivating a suspended automobile policy can be reactivated in the event of a change of vehicle, provided that the owner is the same.

The limitation clause in question is due to the fact that the old vehicle must have been sold, scrapped or permanently exported abroad. There are no precise legal rules concerning this last condition. However, it is possible to verify it under the following conditions:

  • in the event that a car is sold or entrusted to a dealer or vehicle dealer, the insurance company requests a copy of the bill of sale
  • in the event that the old car has been placed on consignment, the insurance company requests a copy of the power of attorney
  • if the car was stolen, just present a copy of the police report
  • if the car has been scrapped, the company requires a copy of the certificate from the approved wrecker

4 – Is a car insurance policy also valid when traveling abroad?

The policy automatically covers the motor vehicle, even in foreign countries, only if they are associated with the green card system.

If the foreign country is not associated with the system (such as the United States or Canada), a temporary policy must be taken out at the border. Before travelling, you should always check with your insurance company and what your green card says of the country to visit. All of these issues are relatively complex. To save time, you can also contact a motor vehicle insurance professional like INP Finanz Romandie who will guide you through the process. Our auto insurance experts are available to answer your questions, free of charge et without engagement. Contact us directly on WhatsApp or via the contact form.

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