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Our best 10-year negotiated rate

Lowest rate negotiated from February 29 to 2, 2024.

INP Finanz Romandie offers you innovative solutions including the best market rates in force with our partners.

Whether it is for the acquisition of a house, a villa, an apartment or for a rental investment, INP Finanz Romandie finds for you the mortgage loan offer that best suits your real estate project.

Do you lack equity? Contact us: we have solutions!

You want to become an owner?

You have found the house or apartment of your dreams and Are you looking for a real estate financing solution quickly? Are you unsure whether you have sufficient equity or possibilities with your bank? Thanks to our calculator, find out your total purchase amount for your future property:

Simple and fast: apply for financing online! With the sending of only 3 documents, we analyze and precisely determine your buyer profile. Within 24 hours you will receive a agreement in principle without commitment.

Buying a second home & mortgage renewal

Has your personal situation or your real estate project changed? Or is your mortgage expiring soon? Do you want to buy a second home and negotiate with the banks? Review your financing strategy and anticipate your mortgage renewal dtoday with INP Finanz.

Renewing your mortgage loan also has several advantages:

  • benefit fromfiscal advantages
  • Finance the purchase of a second home
  • Financing renovation work
  • Help start a business
  • Optimize your amortization
  • Optimize your pension

Invest in yield goods

As an investor, you want to get the best financing possible ? You want to plan your pension over the long term and generate a return with your real estate project? Investing in stone can be very interesting for your retirement and for optimize your taxation!

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Mortgage Interest Comparison

Compare mortgage rates

INP Finanz Romandie offers you a comparison of the mortgage rates in force with our partners and an estimate of the annual interest savings:

INP Finanz Romandie

Annual interest: CHF. 17 480

Current fixed rate: 1.84%

Service advantage

Annual interest: CHF. 18 145

Current fixed rate: 1.91%


Annual interest: CHF. 18 335

Current fixed rate: 1.93%


Annual interest: CHF. 18 525

Current fixed rate: 1.95%

Bank of Lake Geneva

Annual interest: CHF. 19 380

Current fixed rate: 2.04%


Annual interest: CHF. 19 570

Current fixed rate: 2.06%


Annual interest: CHF. 20 140

Current fixed rate: 2.12%


Annual interest: CHF. 20 520

Current fixed rate: 2.16%


Annual interest: CHF. 21 280

Current fixed rate: 2.24%

Credit Suisse

Annual interest: CHF. 22 610

Current fixed rate: 2.38%

Migros Bank

Annual interest: CHF. 22 610

Current fixed rate: 2.38%


Annual interest: CHF. 23 085

Current fixed rate: 2.43%

Cler Bank

Annual interest: CHF. 23 085

Current fixed rate: 2.43%

Canton of Friborg

Annual interest: CHF. 25 175

Current fixed rate: 2.65%


Annual interest: CHF. 25 650

Current fixed rate: 2.7%


Annual interest: CHF. 26 885

Current fixed rate: 2.83%

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Amount of mortgage debt:

Duration of your rate:

Annual interest:

How do we work?

The advantages:

We establish a review of your financial situation and your opportunities

Fast and easy : we will answer you within 24 hours

We negotiate the best guaranteed offers to finance your real estate project

You receive a free offer without obligation in 24 hours

Compare all providers in one look

No administration to manage! We take care of the paperwork

With INP Finanz Romandie, your chances of success are optimal

They chose us to carry out their project:

Do you have any questions?

Mortgage credit is an important subject and represents a important investment for your future. It is therefore essential for us that you can ask all your questions to our financing experts.

Contact us via WhatsApp at the bottom of the page or via the contact form below.

Each client is unique and professional advice can often bring a lot of clarity. Our goal : help you carry out the projects that are important to you.

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To save time, you can also contact a mortgage professional like INP Finanz Romandie who will guide you through the process. Our loan and mortgage rate experts are available to answer your questions, free of charge et without engagement. Contact us directly on WhatsApp or via the contact form.

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INP Finanz Romandie offers you its services financing for:


Ready for the acquisition, construction or renovation of your main home?


With real estate financing quickly become the owner of a villa in Switzerland


Do you want to buy or renovate an apartment for personal or rental use?

Consumer credit

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