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When you decide to become an owner, many questions arise such as; where to start? what documents do I need? How do I know my financial capacity? which mortgage model to choose? what will be the tax impact on my situation? And much more.


This is just a brief overview of all the questions you might ask. Thanks to our service, we support you in all these steps in order to become an owner in complete safety. For this we collaborate with the main banks and insurance companies in Switzerland to offer you the best mortgage loan adapted to your situation. 

We choose not to give all this information on our site, because each situation is different. Your interest is to contact a neutral professional in order to have all the cards to be able to make in full knowledge of the facts one of the most important decision of your.

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Annual interest: CHF. 20 900

Current fixed rate: 2.2%


Annual interest: CHF. 21 280

Current fixed rate: 2.24%


Annual interest: CHF. 22 515

Current fixed rate: 2.37%


Annual interest: CHF. 22 895

Current fixed rate: 2.41%


Annual interest: CHF. 24 225

Current fixed rate: 2.55%


Annual interest: CHF. 24 225

Current fixed rate: 2.55%

Migros Bank

Annual interest: CHF. 24 795

Current fixed rate: 2.61%

Agricultural credit next bank

Annual interest: CHF. 24 795

Current fixed rate: 2.61%

INP Finanz Romandie

Annual interest: CHF. 24 985

Current fixed rate: 2.63%

Canton of Friborg

Annual interest: CHF. 25 175

Current fixed rate: 2.65%

Lake Geneva Bank

Annual interest: CHF. 25 270

Current fixed rate: 2.66%


Annual interest: CHF. 25 650

Current fixed rate: 2.7%

Credit Suisse

Annual interest: CHF. 25 840

Current fixed rate: 2.72%


Annual interest: CHF. 26 125

Current fixed rate: 2.75%


Annual interest: CHF. 26 410

Current fixed rate: 2.78%

cler bank

Annual interest: CHF. 26 505

Current fixed rate: 2.79%


Annual interest: CHF. 26 885

Current fixed rate: 2.83%

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However, let's assume that you are already past this stage. Whether you have the necessary resources or have a clear idea of ​​how to finance what will probably be the biggest purchase of your life. From now on you will be faced with the inevitable and heartbreaking dilemma for those who have decided to buy a apartment: the choice. Yes, because the market today offers endless possibilities of choice. Agencies ready and quick will find a way to reach you, offering dozens of options that you'll soon find hard to find your way around. Really hard. But at this point, my inner counselor can't claim anything, maybe looking away, not running to help you.

And the best help I can give you today is not to offer you one of the many properties you could buy, but to give you the best tools so that you can choose what you want in complete autonomy and with total conviction and guarantee. Because nothing is worth more to me than the certainty that you can strike the best deal. So here are three questions (and three answers) that I've asked myself over the years, putting myself on the side of those who buy apartments. Three questions to which, thanks to the buyer's method, you will also find two valid answers below.

What are the most important things to know when deciding to buy an apartment?

The first thing, as I wrote to you at the beginning, is to have the economic certainty of being able to face the purchase, also taking into account all the related incidental costs. Know how much you can spend, whether you're buying with cash and your own resources or buying through a mortgage. In the latter case, it is essential to make sure BEFORE starting the search for a property, whether or not you can access credit. Be well aware of the amount you can spend, then DEFINE THE BUDGET because it is the fundamental aspect that conditions the search, defines the area where you are going to buy and basically defines the characteristics of the property regardless of the tastes and needs of the customer. 'Buyer. It is therefore essential to know how much you can spend well before starting any research and even before defining your needs in relation to the property.
Once the budget is set, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you are looking for. Be clear about what you can't give up and what can be compromised. Define a specific area, focus on the features and once again make sure that it is affordable for you. A big part of my job as a buyer's consultant is not to sell the first property I need to sell, but to carefully research the property you need. What should I "observe" before buying a property? First check that the property, by area, general characteristics, space and price, is close to your needs: at this stage, I am giving you some advice that will seem unusual to you. If you've found it, if you've come across the apartment that meets all your needs, don't make the mistake that an average of two out of three buyers make: don't waste time looking for others, you only risk confusing and getting into the "maybe the next one is even better" loop. Yes, because the perfect house, totally adapted to our needs, almost never exists and wanting to see too many properties will only waste your time. If the apartment was good for you, in fact, it probably will be for others, and if you hesitate, you only run the risk of someone more confident than you coming to blow the deal for you under your nose. The advice I can give you is therefore to venture into the purchase by making the appropriate checks that allow the success of the operation, perhaps with the help of a trusted consultant who already has experience and a knowledge of the market structure in the area you have chosen.


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