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When you decide to become an owner, many questions arise such as; where to start? what documents do I need? How do I know my financial capacity? which mortgage model to choose? what will be the tax impact on my situation? And much more.

This is just a brief overview of all the questions you might ask. Thanks to our service, we support you in all these steps in order to become an owner in complete safety. For this we collaborate with the main banks and insurance companies in Switzerland to offer you the best mortgage loan adapted to your situation. 

We choose not to give all this information on our site, because each situation is different. Your interest is to contact a neutral professional in order to have all the cards to be able to take in full knowledge of the facts one of the most important decision of your life.

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The choice of Villa in which we are going to live and spend a long period of time must be done thinking about the pleasure of living there. In order to take full advantage of our Villa and to make the best possible choice, we must transform the simple concept of “living” into “pleasure of living”; It is certainly important to assess all technical and bureaucratic issues, but we start from the fundamental assumption that the Villa represents the space in which we live and relate to others, the environment which at the same time accommodates our habits and will have to adapt to our changes. So what are the aspects that are often overlooked? What are the characteristics to be evaluated, knowing that they will influence our way of living the space of the Villa ?

Before launching the purchase and credit for your villa?

The exposure of a house, and of the different rooms that compose it, can have a positive or negative influence in several ways: on the temperature inside the house, on the brightness, on the way to appreciate or not the different rooms; for example, a fully north-facing home will almost never receive direct sunlight, just as a fully south-facing home might be too hot in the summer. The ideal would be to have the bedrooms to the east, the kitchen and living areas to the south and west, and the service areas to the north. It is certainly not always possible to find houses with an optimal orientation, but this aspect must be taken into consideration, since it is possible to plan and carry out small interventions, capable of improving the performance of the house in this way. point of view.
Today, when looking for lamps to install in their homes, many people choose those that replicate natural light, in order to have as little artificial effect as possible. But artificial light, unlike natural light, is static light, which does not change in intensity or color during the day. Therefore, a house that can benefit from the direct contribution of natural light and that has large transparent surfaces, is a house that allows you to fully experience all the phases of the day, offering a different perception of the passage of time and ensuring well-being, by positively influencing the mood of the inhabitants.
Another very important aspect related to well-being, both from the point of view of hygiene and indoor temperature, is natural ventilation. To promote good indoor ventilation, it is important that the openings of the house are not all on the same facade but on different sides, in order to have rapid changes of air in winter and to attenuate the indoor climate in winter. summer, when room temperatures can be high.
For an apartment spread over several floors, it is generally the different levels that accommodate the different areas of the house; in an apartment distributed on one level, it would be ideal to make a clear distinction between the living area, the sleeping area and the service area. A zoning of the house allows a better habitability, because there is no "interference in life" and you can live separately in the different zones, according to the different needs.
The size of a room is very important, because it is linked to the notion of the habitability of the environment: rooms that are too small can create a feeling of "suffocation and closure"; even if there is currently a trend towards saving space and we find on the market houses with increasingly smaller rooms, let's at least try to choose one with spaces adapted to our needs and the number of people who will live there; it is important to think about what we will put inside and what activities it should accommodate, also paying attention to free walls, on which you can install a piece of furniture, hang a picture or make a wall.

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