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You want to equip, decorate or renovate your house with a work loan? Do you want to go on vacation with a travel credit? You plan to change car with a car loan but you don't know which bank or organization to contact? INP Finanz Romandie offers you the best rates! We offer you great flexibility in obtaining your credit in Switzerland, thanks to our extensive network of partners. With a private loan or credit redemption request, compare offers from all companies to get the best rate and realize your project.

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We draw up an assessment of your financial situation and your opportunities

Fast and easy : we will answer you within 24 hours

We negotiate the best bank offers guaranteed to finance your project

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What conditions for a private loan?

To obtain a loan for private purposes, you must meet several conditions:

  • Be between 18 and 70 years old;
  • Prove your bank solvency: i.e. have a sustainable debt-to-payment ratio for reimbursement possibilities;
  • Être financially reliable, which excludes registration with the Office of Prosecutions for doubtful debts;

The granting of credit is prohibited if these conditions are not met and your application may be rejected. The Confederation has also established a law which defines the terms of credit agreements. The organization or bank you are applying to must also be authorized at cantonal or federal level to issue consumer loans. In this context, the Confederation provides for very strict conditions for the lending bodies. What documents are required for a private loan application? In general, the files needed for the bank or lending organization can be completed fairly quickly. In order for your file or your redemption request to be accepted quickly, you must provide:

  • Lagrasse is the perfect setting for advised : your last two payslips;
  • Lagrasse is the perfect setting for self-employed : your last tax declaration attesting to the payments;
  • Lagrasse is the perfect setting for Retired : your last income slip.

Each must also present documents relating to any other financing in progress or extracts of loans from other banks. In some cases, copies of the last regularly paid utility bills (electricity, water and gas) are also required in order to verify creditworthiness.

Do you have any questions ?

Private lending is an important subject and represents a significant financial commitment. It is therefore essential for us that you know all the banking possibilities and that you can ask all your questions to our real estate financing experts. Contact us via WhatsApp at the bottom of the page or via the contact form below.

Every situation is unique and professional advice can often bring a lot of clarity.

Our goal : help you carry out the projects that are important to you.

Book a consultation without engagement right now!

We can help you with our great expertise and our network of banks to obtain the best offer that matches your projects. Applying for a loan is not very complicated, but it involves several steps and basic rules that require specific documentation.

What is a personal loan? A personal loan is a form of financing for individuals provided by a bank or licensed financial institution (directly or through intermediaries such as agents or brokers). It falls into the category of “non-profit” bank loans, i.e. loans that are not linked or attached to the purchase of a specific good or service, and benefit from special protection when granted to consumers. With a personal loan, the client receives a sum of money, agreeing to repay it in installments within a predetermined period.

When granting the loan, fixed or variable interest is applied during the repayment period. Also, costs such as preliminary investigation fees, payment collection fees, prepayment fees and any insurance fees are paid.

It is good toevaluate this new debt very carefully within the framework of your family's budget and monthly income, taking into account both the overall cost of the bank loan and the monthly installment to be paid by e-banking. This will be in addition to other monthly payment commitments such as rent, bills and payments on other loans. Often, the payment of these various charges is made by bank transfer.

Contact us to talk about your project. To achieve your dreams, sometimes you need financial help. Further up this page, you will find in particular the conditions for granting a private loan as well as the papers necessary to send your file to banking organizations and other lending organizations.

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You want to buy back a loan?

Your situation has changed since your loan application and you want to buy back your credit?

The main advantage: shorten the repayment period and pay less interest.

For any purchase of consumer credit, INP Finanz Romandie makes the process easier for you.

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