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Basic insurance is a compulsory health insurance in Switzerland according to the Health Insurance Act (LAMal).

This health insurance obligation concerns all persons residing or working in the country. For additional insurance, however, there is no obligation to subscribe.

Special provisions apply to persons working in the country but residing abroad.

Things to know about insurance:

  • La health Fund may be freely chosen ;
  • According to the LAMal, basic insurance is compulsory to guarantee health coverage to all citizens;
  • The additional insurance is optional and can be chosen from another fund than for basic insurance;
  • Compulsory insurance premium prices vary each year;
  • A comparison of health insurance premiums should be carried out each year in order toavoid overpaying ;
  • LAMal benefits are defined by law;



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The main purpose of health insurance is to provide you with health insurance andanticipate your future health costs. If your medical coverage is no longer suitable, you risk paying too much in relation to your real needs, or on the contrary not being sufficiently insured. Sometimes, in addition to the basic insurance, it is necessary to take out one or more additional insurances. It is therefore essential for us that you can ask your questions to our business insurance advisors.

Our goal : help you optimize your expenses and protect your interests.

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All health insurers providing compulsory healthcare insurance must assume the same scope of benefits as provided by law: according to the law, the LAMal only provides efficient, practical and economical services.

Basic insurance is compulsory and constitutes a form of health insurance. The LAMal plans to cover all costs related to the complete treatment of an illness, including necessary diagnostic measures, medications, preventive care, follow-up care, etc.

This basic insurance therefore covers the costs of necessary treatment and medication. Compulsory insurance offers the same benefits in all insurance companies. For additional services or broader coverage, it is possible to take out additional insurance (note that the conditions differ from one fund to another).

Good to know: Assura offers the lowest and most stable premiums on average.

In recent years, we have always paid more and more for our compulsory insurance. In 2022, this trend is starting to reverse: some funds are even offering premium reductions.

General information and FAQ
about health insurance in Switzerland

Several solutions exist:
    • 1/ Exclusion of accident coverThe law on accident insurance stipulates that citizens living in Switzerland and working at least 8 hours per week for an employer are insured by law with the LAA or the SUVA against occupational and non-occupational accidents. Your employer must pay for insurance that protects all employees against occupational and non-occupational accidents.
    • 2/Choose a higher deductibleIn ordinary insurance, the deductible (annual amount with which you participate in the costs) is CHF 300 for adults (CHF 0 for children). You can choose a higher deductible and pay lower premiums.
    • 3/ Choose the family doctor modelBy choosing your family doctor model, you agree to always consult your family doctor (except in the event of an emergency and consultations with an ophthalmologist, a dentist and a gynecologist). This model offers a lower monthly rate.
    • 4/ Check your right to premium reductionsPersons of modest financial condition are entitled to health insurance premium contributions. Here you will find an overview of all health insurance premiums for 2021 per canton.

      On average, Assura offers the lowest and most stable premiums in Switzerland. You'll find that Assura offers the lowest rates, with annual savings of over 1000 Swiss francs per person.

Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. You must therefore take out insurance if you move to Switzerland. The insurance cover is necessarily individual and must be taken out in a three month period following your arrival in Switzerland. The competent cantonal authorities monitor compliance with the insurance obligation, which in most cases requires a copy of the policy or a copy of the insurance card.
As an insured person, you must pay a monthly premium for health insurance. However, the cost of premiums is not the same for everyone: it depends, among other things, on the health insurance company, the place of residence and the age of the insured. For children and young people, the premiums are lower. Good to know: in some cantons, health insurance premiums are significantly lower, such as in Valais or Fribourg.

The deductible is the annual amount you must pay to help with the cost of medical services. The mandatory minimum deductible is CHF 300 for adults and zero for children. Added to this is the share which is the same in all companies, namely 700.- for adults and 350.- for children. When this amount is reached, the health insurance company pays a benefit reimbursement amount. You can choose a higher deductible and pay lower premiums.

Be careful, however, because the higher your health costs, the more you will have to pay to reach the deductible level before obtaining reimbursement.

We are at your disposal to give you advice on your file or for any additional information. Thanks to our advisers, you will find complete and flexible insurance solutions tailored to your needs and your budget.

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