The absolutely perfect house or apartment does not exist, but somewhere there is a good one for you! Are you considering changing your home or buying your first property? Discover in this article the parameters to take into account before starting your search.

The number of bedrooms

One of the fundamental criteria to define when looking for a new home is the number of rooms you want to have. The number of members who make up your household can be decisive in this assessment, but also the desire or not to enlarge your family and the passions you want to cultivate within the walls of your house or apartment. If, for example, you like painting or music, an extra room could be practical, just as a small green space like a balcony or a garden is essential for gardening enthusiasts. Similarly, with the generalization of teleworking in Switzerland, a room used as an office can be very useful and can be associated with a guest bedroom or a dressing room, a storage room, etc.

So remember to carefully assess the number of pieces you will need:

  • The number of bathrooms: a bathroom associated with the master suite can be useful to maintain privacy. Just like a separate toilet for visits. Sometimes a single bathroom for the whole household may be sufficient;
  • The laundry area with or without shower. If you're a sporty family, you might want a space to take a quick shower and leave your gym clothes after workouts. A separate room for starting the machines, sorting and storing the laundry can be useful;
  • The basement or the cellar. A storage space for empty boxes, seasonal items, for your sports equipment (skis, bicycles, etc.), tires or quite simply a pantry or a wine cellar can be very useful and can help declutter your apartment. ;
  • The garage. Your vehicle is thus protected from the weather. It can also be a potentially interesting storage, decluttering or DIY area.

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The budget

Once you have identified the features of your ideal home, you need to determine your spending budget. Trust INP Finanz: we are mortgage loan professionals in Geneva and can advise you on defining the monthly expenses to be devoted to your future accommodation and determining the amount of the mortgage loan that can be granted.

We have been working for years with the various banking establishments and credit organizations in the Geneva region and negotiate the best rates for our customers: test our rate comparator! (clickable link)

The region

Before you start seeing potentially interesting homes, you should define the area where you want to live based on your needs, such as the presence of kindergartens and schools if you have children, proximity to highways, an airport or train station if you travel often for work, proximity to clubs and restaurants if you enjoy a social life.

Remember, however, that the more central the area, the higher the costs. It is therefore not certain that your budget allows you to buy what you want. If, on the other hand, you don't want to give up a big, spacious house, but are looking for one at a reasonable cost, one solution may be to move from the center to the quieter suburbs or to the countryside.

As you will have understood, before embarking on the purchase of a property, it is necessary to anticipate all possible costs and to ensure that you have your own funds and a good borrowing budget. Optimize your budget and calculate your purchasing potential with our simulator. 

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