Are you buying a house and you still haven't decided whether it's better to buy a new house, perhaps still under construction, or an old house, but completely to be renovated? Read our article and apply for mortgage !

Advantages and disadvantages of home renovation

The houses to be renovated are often located in central areas and rich in history, which makes them properties of great charm. In addition, a house to be renovated costs much less than a new house of the same size and offers larger and more spacious rooms. In the past, the cost of land was much lower and there was more land available.

Its disadvantages are related to the unknowns of a renovation, where one cannot have an overview of the current state of the house, especially with regard to structural aspects, such as the health of the foundations, the condition of the roof and the eventual layer of the walls, so that one can only start work and see the end after several years and with an expense that is difficult to quantify in advance.

Advantages and disadvantages of a new house

When it comes to new homes, the benefits are measured in terms of energy and finishes. A new house is built according to high energy standards and has more ecological types of heating, differentiated distribution systems, solar panels, home automation systems and others to offer you the best comfort. In addition, if you buy a house on a project, which is not yet built, you can choose the finishes according to your tastes, which saves you from having to change them a few months after the purchase.

In a new house, it is much easier to define the costs in advance, especially if you rely directly on the company that takes care of the construction. The unknowns are practically nil, with the exception of a few small delays in delivery, which can easily be remedied in the contractual phase.

The disadvantages of a new house, however, are the reduced dimensions and their location: new houses are indeed often located in well-served residential areas, but far from the city centre.


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