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Credit redemption consumption

Your situation has changed since your loan application and you want redeem your credit? 

The main advantage: shorten the repayment period and pay less interest.

What are the conditions for an early loan buy-back in Switzerland?

According to the law on consumer credit (LCC), it is possible to terminate your credit agreement as soon as the total amount is reimbursed.

Similarly, it is possible to transfer your credit to another lending institution. Banks can for example find arrangements: the new bank pays the balance of the current loan to the old bank.

But beware: for loan redemptions, lending organizations most often ask for a detailed statement. Depending on the institution, fees may be charged for this count.

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Private loans with repayment on installments always include specific conditions and require the prior acceptance of your file by the lending organization. The credit application must match your needs but also your financial capabilities for the refund. It is therefore essential for us that you can ask your questions to our private loan experts.

Our goal : help you optimize your expenses and protect your interests.

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