How to withdraw your 3rd pillar early?

There are certain situations where you have the possibility of making an early withdrawal from your 3A policy, in addition to the ordinary withdrawal provision.

For example, if you are 60 years old and 5 years from retirement age, you are entitled to recover the capital of your 3A policy.

Or, if you become self-employed, once registered with the AVS and your self-employed status is accepted, you can release the funds from your 3A.

Attention, here the legal framework is different from that of the LPP. You don't have to leave Europe to release your 3A policy. To withdraw the LPP in advance, you must leave Switzerland and not reside in a European country.

If you want to acquire or build real estate, you must own a residence for your own needs. You cannot make secondary or rental investments. You can use your linked 3rd pillar funds as part of a mortgage repayment.

In this case, you are not obliged to withdraw all the funds from your 3rd pillar. You can simply take part of it, and you will only be taxed on the amount withdrawn.

You can reinvest your 3rd pillar on a 2nd pillar by buying back years of contribution. In this case, the advantage is considerable, because the withdrawal of the 3rd pillar will not be taxed.

You are disabled and must receive a full AI pension to be able to withdraw the capital saved on your 3A in advance. It is important to check that the disability risk is not covered by your 3rd pillar, as this is often the case in the linked provident products offered by insurance companies.

You can withdraw your 3rd pillar to transfer the capital to another 3rd pillar or change institution or contract.



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