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Commercial legal expenses insurance exists to help businesses get legal advice, also for cover the costs incurred if they find themselves in a dispute or if they want to take legal action themselves.

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As a business, you are much more likely to be facing legal action than the average individual. If a lawsuit is filed against you and you end up in court, you will have to pay attorney fees, court costs and possibly a compensation order. Whether it's a labor court, a dissatisfied customer or a dispute with a key supplier over a commercial contract, legal protection insurance can cover the company for legal representation and all associated legal costs. Typically, businesses choose to add this type of coverage to their existing commercial insurance policy or package. What types of claims does legal protection insurance cover? Business legal protection insurance can cover your business against a range of claims. Typically, a policy will cover you:

  • For labor disputes with an employee or former employee:

There are hundreds of reasons an employee or ex-employee might sue you in labor court. The most frequent case is when the employee thinks he has been the victim of a wrongful dismissal.

  • For intrusion and material damage :

For example, let's say you own a delivery business. Intruders have entered your premises and damaged some of your vehicles. The prosecution did not press charges, although the intruders admitted wrongdoing. In this case, civil action is your only option to recover costs, which can be a massive expense for a small business. Legal protection coverage can help pay for the costs of prosecuting trespassers.

  • For the Debt recovery :

If a contractor owes your business money and you have been trying to collect it for an extended period of time, civil action may be your only option to collect the debt. Legal protection insurance can relieve you of the pressure and help you appoint a lawyer and take the contractor to court.

  •  Compliance and regulation:

Cases of this type include coverage of legal costs in the event of recourse against health and safety or food safety enforcement notices, defense in disputes relating to data protection law and representation at an official investigation or disciplinary hearing by an association professional. In addition to these situations, commercial legal expenses insurance can cover legal defence, property protection, indemnity, personal injury and tax protection. Even the most cautious business owners can find themselves facing legal action. Businesses deal with all sorts of legal documents and procedures on a daily basis, whether it's drafting a new investment contract, firing an employee, or dealing with a complaint filed against you. For businesses that don't have the resources or ability to keep legal experts in-house, seeking competent legal counsel can be stressful, costly, and put your business at a disadvantage. Legal expenses insurance can give you access to expert legal advice at any time, helping you mitigate problems and contain disputes before they escalate. In the worst case, the legal protection cover can protect you against rapidly increasing legal costs, which prevents your company from suffering financial damage.

General information and FAQ on
legal protection insurance

Legal protection insurance generally covers the costs for:
  • Support for attorney fees
  • Mediafixer fCourts and expertise
One of the main benefits of most insurance policies is access to expert legal and tax advice, which usually comes free with the policy. You will often have access to these helplines at any time during the term of your insurance, which can help you mitigate risk and resolve issues before they reach court.

The precise coverage of a commercial legal expenses insurance policy varies from one insurance company to another. However, legal protection coverage generally includes exclusions:

  • Legal costs paid by you before the insurer accepted your claim;
  • Civil actions where the “reasonable chance of success” is assessed at less than 51%;
  • Fines or penalties from a court or tribunal;
  • Allegations against the policyholder or employee relating to assault, violence, dishonesty, money laundering or dealing in illegal drugs;
  • Disputes between policyholders or associated companies or partners.

Remember that you generally cannot make a claim for issues that arose before your coverage start date. In some cases, primarily employment, contract and debt disputes, you may not be able to apply for coverage for any disputes arising within the first 90 or 180 days of the policy.

Traditionally, legal protection insurance is taken out “before the event”. Fonts of this type can cover the legal costs of future litigation that occurs during the term of the policy.

In addition, some insurers offer policies that can be taken out “after the event”. In this case, companies seek financial protection against the risk of losing a lawsuit. The “after the event” insurance covers you against liability for the other party's legal costs.

Most insurance policies tend to offer a fixed, standard limit. In some cases, you may have the choice between several levels of coverage. In this case, the amount of coverage you choose should depend on the size and nature of your business, as the cost of legal action can vary wildly depending on the nature of the problem.

The average coverage is 1.- and 000.- for contractual business

Most often, legal protection insurance is a optional addition to other insurance policies. Insurers can offer you legal protection under commercial insurance, with liability cover, professional liability insurance or employers' liability insurance. A few providers offer stand-alone coverage if you already have other forms of insurance.

The use of a broker such as INP Finanz is particularly judicious for companies with requirements, specific high-risk business inquiries or activities, as their industry knowledge and expertise can help you find the right coverage for you.

As legal expenses insurance is often offered as an add-on rather than a stand-alone policy, it may be easier to compare offers through a broker, as prices for additional cover can be difficult to find online. .

Brokers often have access to better deals than customers when they go directly to insurers, saving you money going through a broker.

As a general rule, an insurer appoints a lawyer from a firm with which he is used to working and whom he trusts to recommend his clients.

There are several instances where you may have the right to choose your own lawyer, for example where there is a conflict of interest. If you choose your own attorney, remember that your insurance company will usually only pay them the same amount they would pay their partner attorneys, leaving you to cover the difference.

No, legal protection insurance is not a legal obligation. It is simply designed to protect businesses against unexpected legal proceedings and avoid having to pay high legal costs.

Many people mistakenly believe that legal expenses insurance covers the legal costs of a professional indemnity insurance claim.

If you have professional indemnity insurance, this policy may cover your defense in a claim against work carried out by your company. Legal protection insurance pays claims arising from commercial disputes.

If you have employees, you must have employers' liability insurance. Other forms of insurance to consider are liability insurance, product liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Liability coverage can protect you against claims for injury or damage made by third parties.

Liability coverage products is similar, but generally covers claims related to a product you donated or sold.

Liability insurance Professional can cover you against claims made against you as a result of work you have done.

Many insurers offer complete professional insurance packages, including some or all of the above elements, to which you can usually add legal protection insurance.

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