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What is your purchasing potential?

Thanks to this calculator, find out which property you can buy thanks to the exclusive offers and conditions of the partners of INP Finanz Romandie:

Mortgage charge calculator

With our calculator you can calculate the amount of costs for your real estate purchase

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Advance rate
Property value
Own funds

More information on the price of the property and equity

Mortgage Funding Amount


Own funds

Your income
Your annual income
Our best fixed rates by
Your funding is perfectly feasible
33% Some of your income is used to cover the cost of the mortgage financing.
Maximum debt ratio
Funding_requested CHF 2'417
Annual interest on your debt CHF 29000
Costs of maintenance charges CHF 422
Your monthly amortization CHF 604
Your total monthly costs CHF 2095
Your rate of bearable charges 13.00%
Monthly cost of your purchase CHF 537
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    Best rates guaranteed We compare all the possibilities on the market and then offer you the best offers and the best rates according to your budget and your criteria.

    A free advice service If necessary, we can meet at a free appointment at home. This interview is non-binding for you and allows the transmission of additional information.

    How is your purchase potential calculated?

    Know the maximum purchase amount Also called “viability calculation”, this operation is used by all financial institutes, banks and insurance companies to determine the maximum amount of loan they can finance for your purchase. Interest, depreciation and maintenance costs By calculating a percentage of the expenses related to the property in relation to your income, this operation also makes it possible to see if your income will be sufficient to cover future costs. These include interest on the mortgage loan, depreciation and maintenance and repair costs for your future property. A safety margin of 5% Secondly, our calculator is based on interest rates at 5%. This is to make sure you can meet your future expenses if a rate hike occurs. Fortunately, the reality is quite different today since the rates are exceptionally low.

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