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We advise individuals and businesses on all matters relating to investments and financial security, mortgages, taxes, insurance, and retirement and estate planning. Thanks to our services, you optimize your income, your assets and your taxation.

Realize your ambitions

Save taxes

Generate interest

Fund your children's education

Guarantee your standard of living in retirement

Optimize your health insurance expenses

Financing your first real estate purchase

Save money with personal advice

Services for individuals

Our independence at the service of your objectives

As independent brokers, we always work in your interest. With INP Finanz Romandie, you benefit from the best rates, and this regardless of partnerships and commissions offered to us by insurance companies and banks.

Benefit from a tailor-made advice service :

Benefit from a tailor-made advice service

Un appointment without commitment with one of our experts allows you to take stock of your situation.

Together, we define your needs, whether for the financing of real estate, for your insurance, your pension or for the overall optimization of your budget and your expenses.

Protect and insure your company

Detailed needs analysis and font optimization

Claims Support

Professional and personal liability risk assessment

Assistance with personnel management

Property, professional and technological risks

Regular verification of insurance coverage

Help in case of business creation, and fiduciary activities

Services for COMPANIES

Lucrative prospects to protect your business

Our neutrality allows you to benefit from personalized insurance advice, both for large companies and SMEs.

You thus benefit from best rates for the full range of insurance and banking products. 

Through a detailed analysis, our experts show you which risks should or can be insured. They also tell you which organizations offer the best solutions for your business according to your needs : 

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