Plan your retirement in advance


The importance of planning your retirement in advance and calling on a financial planner.


You will retire from the working world but life goes on. Planning for retirement will help you continue your current lifestyle even after retirement. This means that you are preparing your future life today so that you can continue to achieve all your goals and dreams independently.

We are committed to intelligently planning your pension.

Indeed, thanks to our specialists, you will benefit from a complete check-up.

We will analyze your current and future situation by calculating your figures and your budget, while taking your objectives into account.

We will then present the best solutions to optimize your situation.

As a neutral intermediary, we guarantee you the best strategy according to the market situation. We work “FOR YOU”.

Benefits of planning your retirement in advance

– Capital available in case of emergency

– Return on your investments

– Regular income after retirement

– Anticipate unforeseen expenses

– Take advantage of tax benefits

– No charge for the family

– Maintain your standard of living

– Achieve your retirement goals

– Living comfortable even with inflation

– Avoid being entirely dependent on your family

– Grow your savings without losing sleep

– Live independently

Why choose INP Finanz Romandie for your retirement plan?

We know how important it is to grow your money safely. That's why we work with the mission of finding the best solution that meets your needs.

– Quick and easy: we respond to you within 24 hours.

– Our advisors look for the best offers on the market by comparing all the partners

– You receive a non-binding offer within 48 hours.

– Compare all providers at a glance


Our goal : help you carry out the projects that are important to you.

Request a no-obligation consultation now.

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