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Notify the RTS, launch your algorithms on our website: Networks of fake reviews on Google Maps active in French-speaking Switzerland – – Switzerland There are companies in Switzerland that only have real opinions! Only real people, only real service, only real work! Behind each of these google reviews there is a story that we have helped to embellish by buying a house or an apartment with a mortgage. Our clients are families, couples, individuals! Carlos, Radislav or Marion will make it a point of honor to help you obtain your mortgage in Switzerland!

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Lowest rate negotiated from October 3 to 10, 2022. INP Finanz Romandie offers you innovative solutions including the best market rates in force with our partners. Call us for more information!



Whether it is for the acquisition of a house, a villa, an apartment or for a rental investment, INP Finanz Romandie finds for you the mortgage loan offer that best suits your real estate project.

Do you lack equity? Contact us: we have solutions!

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You have found the house or apartment of your dreams and are you looking for a real estate financing solution quickly? Are you unsure whether you have sufficient equity or possibilities with your bank? Thanks to our mortgage loan calculator, find out your total purchase amount for your future property:

Simple and fast: apply for financing online! With the sending of only 3 documents, we analyze and precisely determine your buyer profile. Within 24 hours you will receive a agreement in principle without commitment.

Home loan for a second home & mortgage renewal

Has your personal situation or your real estate project changed? Or is your mortgage expiring soon? Do you want to buy a second home and negotiate with the banks? Review your financing strategy and anticipate your mortgage renewal today with INP Finanz.

Renewing your mortgage loan also has several advantages:

  • benefit fromfiscal advantages
  • Finance the purchase of a second home
  • Financing renovation work
  • Help start a business
  • Optimize your amortization
  • Optimize your pension

Invest in income properties with your mortgage

As an investor, you want to get the best financing possible ? You wish plan your pension over the long term and generate a return with your real estate project? Investing in stone can be very interesting for your retirement and for optimize your taxation !

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INP Finanz Romandie offers you a comparison of the mortgage rates in force with our partners and an estimate of the annual interest savings:

Service advantage

Annual interest: CHF. 20 900

Current fixed rate: 2.2%


Annual interest: CHF. 21 280

Current fixed rate: 2.24%


Annual interest: CHF. 22 515

Current fixed rate: 2.37%


Annual interest: CHF. 22 895

Current fixed rate: 2.41%


Annual interest: CHF. 24 225

Current fixed rate: 2.55%


Annual interest: CHF. 24 225

Current fixed rate: 2.55%

Migros Bank

Annual interest: CHF. 24 795

Current fixed rate: 2.61%

Agricultural credit next bank

Annual interest: CHF. 24 795

Current fixed rate: 2.61%

INP Finanz Romandie

Annual interest: CHF. 24 985

Current fixed rate: 2.63%

Canton of Friborg

Annual interest: CHF. 25 175

Current fixed rate: 2.65%

Lake Geneva Bank

Annual interest: CHF. 25 270

Current fixed rate: 2.66%


Annual interest: CHF. 25 650

Current fixed rate: 2.7%

Credit Suisse

Annual interest: CHF. 25 840

Current fixed rate: 2.72%


Annual interest: CHF. 26 125

Current fixed rate: 2.75%


Annual interest: CHF. 26 410

Current fixed rate: 2.78%

cler bank

Annual interest: CHF. 26 505

Current fixed rate: 2.79%


Annual interest: CHF. 26 885

Current fixed rate: 2.83%

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General information and FAQ

on mortgage credit in Switzerland

A mortgage is a loan intended to finance the purchase and/or the renovation of real estate. For the bank, the asset represents the collateral. The borrower of a mortgage loan assigns his rights to the property to the bank, but receives a cash amount in return. The amount of the mortgage is granted up to 80% of the value of the property in question. The remaining 20% ​​must be paid by the borrower from his own funds, in addition to ancillary costs and taxes.
When evaluating a mortgage loan in Switzerland, four parameters must be seriously considered:

● The interest rate

● The duration of the mortgage

● Warranties

● Direct or indirect amortization

Le interest rate designates the percentage of interest on a loan and the amount of remuneration to be paid to the lender, in other words, it is the “rental price of the money lent by the bank”.

It should be noted that there are two types of interest rates which give the possibility of choosing between a mortgage loan at a fixed rate, that is to say established at the start of the contract and not subject to subsequent modifications, and a mortgage loan variable rate, i.e. dependent on fluctuations in the financial market.

Le fixed rate grants the petitioner a fixed and constant payment for the entire duration and knowledge of the total amount to be reimbursed from the beginning. The fixed mortgage provides unchanged rates throughout its duration. This provides planning security and protection against rising interest rates of interest.

Variable rate, meanwhile, follows the evolution of the money market and is exposed to fluctuations in interest rates, which makes it particularly advantageous when these are low or falling.

The variable rate mortgage is based on the possibility of a reduction in inflation over time, which allows savings to be made, but this choice implies a greater propensity to risk. Indeed, it is also possible that the opposite scenario occurs, that is to say an increase in interest rates and a consequent increase in repayments.

In Switzerland, we find the Libor mortgage. This type of mortgage follows the evolution of the Libor rate, an interest rate for short-term money in Swiss francs. The Libor is used in banking exchanges and reflects the general level of interest rate for short-term money in Swiss francs.

You can take out a Libor mortgage at any time by setting a certain term during which the interest rate remains unchanged and after which it is adapted to the current money market situation (i.e. Libor in Swiss francs) . The interest rate consists of Libor in Swiss francs plus a fixed margin.

The duration of the mortgage in Switzerland, as in any other country, is usually chosen by the client, on the basis of appropriate calculations in which the most advantageous is evaluated. The duration generally varies from a minimum of 3 months, only for the variable rate, up to a maximum of 25 years, with the fixed rate.
Buying a house is the dream of many people, but the choice to be made is one of the most difficult and that is why many are undecided until the end to take the final step.

At INP Finanz, we know that there are several technical and economic aspects to consider and evaluate carefully. But before all these evaluations, you must have a clear idea of ​​your ideal home and where you want to settle. This way, you avoid wasting time looking for months at homes that you won't buy or that are beyond your means.

1/ Choose your real estate expert carefully This is why it is essential to be supported by a real Swiss professional, who really wants and can help you with your purchase without necessarily wanting to sell you one of the houses in the catalog at all costs...

2/ Impartiality: a key factor The impartiality of the real estate agent you rely on is a factor determined by your choice. All traditional agencies act as mediators between the sellers (with whom they have agreements) and you, the buyer to whom they offer their houses for which they have a mandate to sell. They are therefore necessarily trying to sell you a house from their catalog, and not necessarily the house you really want!

So be aware that some real estate agents are not necessarily impartial. Some will do anything to sell you a house from their catalog, even if it means listing irrelevant arguments and becoming insistent, sometimes oppressive...

To avoid this, we recommend two solutions: Surround yourself with a professional

At INP Finanz, our experts understand your needs and will search the market for the house and mortgage in Neuchâtel that you really want and within your means. Follow 5 simple rules

These rules will allow you to fully understand your needs and priorities, so that when you call an agency, you have clear ideas.

To find out which is your ideal home in Switzerland, we give you in detail the 5 GOLDEN RULES that we recommend to our customers to buy a house:

Rule n ° 1 : Choose the canton, region, city or locality in Switzerland where you want to live ● Do you like the tranquility or prefer the liveliness of the city center, close to all the shops and all the comforts of the city?

● Do you prefer to go to work and live surrounded by plants and trees or do you prefer to be in the center of movement and bustle? If you want to buy a house, this is the first point on which you must have ideas clear on where to look for your new home. Determine your priorities:

● Do you want to live in the city, country or region where you grew up?

● Do you want to live close to your family to benefit from the support of your loved ones?

● Do you like the city with all amenities close at hand or do you prefer to live in the countryside?

● Is your priority to live near your work?

● Are you ready to move your children from one city, country or region to another?

It is essential to ask yourself these questions, which will save you a significant waste of time in researching and comparing houses in unsuitable locations for your family and their needs.

Rule n ° 2: Focus on your needs

Think of the space you will need if you share your house with another person, if you have or want to have children with play areas, a dressing room for your clothes, a garage for your cars, a garden for your pets, etc.

Then convert all these needs into square meters. Thus, when the real estate agent asks you what your main criteria are, you can answer him very precisely. Make it clear to him what you want so that you don't go around in circles and waste time unnecessarily.

When looking for a home, always start by listing your basic needs and ''non-negotiable'' criteria before you start visiting.

Rule n ° 3: A new, recent, renovated or refurbished house?

Of course, before buying a house, you must imperatively know its year of construction.

This involvesassess their general condition with the help of qualified technicians.

Is this a new or recent construction? Are renovations, repairs or additional installations required? Are there any moisture or mold issues?

Don't worry: sometimes it can be advantageous to buy at a low price to then renovate and thus benefit from tax subsidies. In particular for upgrading to environmental energy standards, for example by replacing an oil boiler with a heat pump, installing solar panels or a water recovery tank, etc.

Also analyze the environment and the neighborhood in which the property you are looking for is located and pay attention to any co-ownership expenses, parking space, etc.

Obviously, if you are looking for an apartment to renovate in Switzerland, you can often benefit from a larger surface area than recently built apartments. But you must also be aware that this type of property is generally located in buildings built in the 70s and 80s... The facade of the building must also please you and this is an additional criterion.

This is why it is important to define in advance which criterion is the most important: buy cheaper and renovate in a building that is sometimes dilapidated? Or invest in a new construction, more expensive with less square meters?

Rule n ° 4: Find out before buying a condominium in Switzerland

Many future buyers do not have a precise idea on this point.

Set in advance the maximum number of neighbors you want to have. If your priority is independence and the absence of vis-à-vis, focus your research on buildings with few apartments.

Our best advice if you buy a house in a condominium? Before moving on to the purchase phase, check the tranquility of the condominium before making a purchase proposal. Put yourself in a situation and walk around the neighborhood or condominium for a day to see what life is like there.

Rule n ° 5: Mortgage loan for the purchase of a house in Switzerland: establish your budget taking into account unforeseen expenses

If you are considering taking out a mortgage to buy your home, request offers before you start looking for the property of your dreams.

You have to be patient and start by turning to as many banks as possible to see where you can benefit from the best conditions.

To save time, you can also contact a mortgage professional like INP Finanz Romandie who will guide you through the process.

Our loan and mortgage rate experts are available to answer your questions, free of charge et without engagement. Contact us directly on WhatsApp or via the contact form.

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