You have finally found the home of your dreams… but you still have to go through the purchase offer and negotiation stage that will allow you to obtain the property you want. In this sense, it can be useful to rely on a real estate agency with experienced staff capable of carrying out the mediation. This is often the price of tranquility. In this article we tell you what are the fundamental moments of real estate negotiation.

How to make an offer for the purchase of a house?

The first step in buying a home is to make an offer to the seller. You can try to offer a lower price than the asking price, but the important thing is to offer a figure that is not excessively lower than the selling price communicated by the buyer.

For example, if a property is listed for sale for 800 CHF, the seller cannot be expected to accept an offer of 000 CHF, which would devalue the property.

Be careful to offer an amount that does not exceed your total budget between your equity and your mortgage loan. If you offer a purchase price that is too high, you may have difficulty paying it, paying your mortgage interest and meeting your daily needs. We have been working for years with the various banking establishments and credit organizations in Switzerland and negotiate les best rates for our customers: test our rate comparator!

Certain situations can make the seller more flexible, such as the rush for ownership due to a change of city or the need to buy a new house. In this case, depending on the category of the property and its condition, the real estate agent may recommend a lower figure and guide the buyer by suggesting margins for negotiation.

Before proposing a figure, it is necessary to be certain of being able to face the expense. So if in the preliminary phase, you do not have the full amount, it is essential to seek financial advice. Thanks to the help of an expert, you will know how much mortgage loan you can claim to buy the property of your dreams. Optimize your budget and calculate your purchasing potential with our simulator.

During the establishment of the offer, a real preliminary sale is carried out under the conditions dictated by the buyer and the acceptance of the conditions of sale of the property.

In particular, if the property purchased is uninhabited, there will be no other problems than cleaning the property if there is furniture and equipment inside.

If, on the other hand, the property for sale is also the residence of the seller, an agreement must be reached on the period within which it must be released. In general, six months are granted to the occupier, with possible penalties if the property is not vacated within the time allowed. These sanctions are also explained at the time of the establishment of the deed of sale.

Once the offer has been sent, everything then depends on the seller, who can either accept or refuse it. When the offer is transmitted, the seller cannot engage with other potential buyers or evaluate other proposals. Indeed, he has the obligation to respond first to the offer received, which constitutes a document with legal value for all purposes.

If the offer is rejected, you can try to submit a new one with a higher price or, if there is no room for negotiation, fall back on another much more within your means.

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What to do when the offer is accepted?

The offer has been accepted – congratulations, you have just purchased your new home!

But what are the next steps?

First of all, the seller must present all the documents of the property to the buyer, so that the notary can carry out the necessary checks to avoid any discrepancies that could prevent the purchase of the house.

In addition to the cadastre, it is advisable to check the financial situation of the property in relation to the condominium so that there are no unpaid debts to be paid.

At the same time, it is necessary to check that the property has not undergone substantial modifications. Or, if it has undergone a renovation, check that the interventions have been correctly reported to the competent and authorized authorities and that the floor plan has been updated. If there are discrepancies in the plan compared to the inventory, the property will not be able to pass the survey to obtain the mortgage loan.

Yes, it looks complicated. But rest assured: when you use an experienced and qualified real estate agent, these checks are part of a simple routine. If the agency works scrupulously, no problems should arise to hinder the success of the transaction.

Compromises and actions: how do they work?

After the acceptance of the offer and once the control of the documents finished, you can fix the date of the compromise, if the salesman asks for it.

This type of agreement confirms the preliminary process: in general, a sum of money considered as a deposit is given, which will then be deducted from the final purchase amount. The preliminary agreement can take the form of a private writing or be transcribed at a notary.

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