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Thanks to the advice of INP Finanz, our customers save an average of 15% compared to their previous premiums. This without changing company or services.

Thanks to your broker INP Finanz, you have the possibility of terminating your contract each year, which is however not possible for the insurance company.

Thus, only you have the freedom to be able to choose another car insurance every year and the possibility of easily and quickly terminate your contract.

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Motorcycle insurance is compulsory insurance for two-wheeled vehicles circulating in Switzerland. Motorcycle insurance reimburses physical or material damage caused to third parties as a result of an accident, up to a maximum agreed when taking out the contract. To find cheap and reliable motorcycle insurance, all you need to do is:

  • Read tips for saving money on motorcycle liability insurance.
  • Understand how to suspend and reactivate your motorcycle insurance policy
  • Find out about current liability offers for motorcycles
The motorcycle policy reimburses physical and material damage resulting from an accident, up to a maximum amount agreed at the time of signing the policy, which is the maximum amount that the insurance company compensates injured third parties. To be then always up to date with the most relevant data and price trends for motorcycle insurance in Switzerland, INP Finanz Romandie offers a useful policy market information tool. Additional guarantees for motorcycles However, motorcycle insurance only covers damage caused to third parties: to benefit from more extensive protection, you can add so-called accessory guarantees to the basic cover. Among these, the most popular are the "driver's accident" guarantee which covers damage caused to the person driving the vehicle responsible for the accident and roadside assistance, useful in the event of an accident, breakdown or puncture. of a tire. Theft and fire, casco, partial casco, natural and atmospheric events, legal protection and waiver of recourse are also among the most common additional guarantees.
By comparing motorcycle insurance on INP Finanz Romandie online as well as moped insurance (eg for 50 scooters like Liberty or Vespa, 250 or more scooters and 125 scooters), you can view all offers on the market at the same time . Enter your personal data, those relating to your insurance situation and your motorcycle and obtain several motorcycle insurance quotes. How does renewable motorcycle insurance work? The suspendable motorcycle policy allows you to temporarily suspend insurance coverage, giving you the opportunity to dilute the expense over time. For example, you can use your motorcycle during the summer and suspend the motorcycle police during the colder months of the year. This solution allows you to pay a motorcycle civil liability premium proportional to the use you make of the vehicle. Before activating the contract, check the number of annual suspensions provided for by the policy. Electric scooter insurance On INP Finanz you can also compare different insurance solutions for electric scooters, which can include a premium reduction of up to 50% to reward drivers who choose to use a more ecological means of transport. . Tips for finding the cheapest motorcycle insurance online In order to find the cheapest motorcycle or scooter insurance online, it is essential to use an insurance comparator. INP Finanz Romandie offers a free service to compare the best motorcycle insurance online, which allows you to take out the motorcycle policy best suited to your needs, while achieving considerable savings. To properly compare the offers of motorcycle insurance companies, be careful when entering your personal data, those of the motorcycle and those relating to your insurance history. 1 If you indicate that you are a lone driver, be aware of your right of appeal. 2 Always Choose Driver's Accident Coverage 3 Save Money On Your Policy
Moped insurance is an insurance product suitable for anyone who drives scooters and mopeds with an engine capacity of between 50 and 125 cc. Finding ad hoc motorcycle insurance, in fact, is important not only for those who own a high-powered vehicle, but also for those who usually drive smaller capacity mopeds. The cost of insurance for scooters varies depending on many factors, including any additional coverages you choose to add to the rc motorcycle. The basic policy for fifty scooters provides insurance cover for the passenger, should he be involved in an accident. As for the driver, it is generally necessary to add a specific clause in the insurance contract to protect him. As with all other insurance, the cost of a moped insurance policy is related to the number and characteristics of those who are going to drive the moped. If the driver is always the same, the "exclusive driver" option will allow you to make significant savings on the overall price of the policy. This means that if, in the event of a claim, the driver is different from the declared driver, the insurance company may refuse to pay the damage.

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